The Good News


OMG, I am so happy to have this beautiful being in my life.

I feel like the cat who swallowed the canary or the chimp who finally stole a popsicle from a toddler. The good news is that I have a new doctor who understands integrative medicine. She wears blue jeans, is 40-something and lived in Hawaii! Who could ask for anything more? She ordered all the right thyroid tests and is setting me up with the very best back surgeon near Portland, (“The only one I would recommend to anyone.”)

She’s got grit and no ego. She’s gonna put me back on track. She’s okay with pharmaceuticals, but when I told her that my goal is to remove them all from the “diet,” she was a-Okay, ready and willing to help me in the manner of my choosing.

Pain-wise, the spine is bringing me down, head and shoulders; back and legs, but it looks like in due time, my youthful pain-free existence is possible, at least for the next few years, the most important years, yet to come!



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