Relief is A Gene Test Away!

L-Methylfolate is my Savior! Because a Genius, known as my doctor, Kamara Dodd, tested me for the MTHFR mutation and vitamin B12 deficiency and Ding Ding, I was a Winner! Now, a B12 shot is on the menu once a week. My feet, formerly imbedded in primeval tar, are freed to fly. The weight loss improves flight as well. Yes a few more pounds have drifted away as well. In two years my weight has gone from 199 to 167 pounds. At 5’7″ I will settle at 155. At my age, a bit of padding is a good thing. Looking forward to that “inner thigh clearance.” I miss that most of all because of the chafing while wearing a dress.

Between MTHFR and B12 and actually reducing my Armour Thyroid dose from 180MG to 120MG, normalcy abounds! Finally, after years of Abusive Doctors, there exists, in the system, a real DOCTOR. She is a Woman. Just saying. (Mea Culpa-Female Preference). After all, that Old Crone Doc last year, whoa, what a mean old lady she was!

“No you can’t have Armour thyroid! What justifies that? What do you know? I am the doctor! Stop talking about yourself! Stop it!” I did not stop and she put up her hand to my face, as in…“Talk to the hand!” Unbelievable! So I stood up to her and fired her right on the spot, then the funniest thing happened! She fired me back. Well, was I to stand for another dose of rude old beeatch from her? Absolutely not. I fired her again.

That was a rush, after so many years, count them… age 45 when the thyroid surgery happened until age 68 when an Empathic and Scientific woman figured me out in 6 months, all the while putting up with my rage and fear.

So here’s to “feelin’ groovy”!


Awesome Thyroid Site!


Apologies for my delinquent bloggings. I am juggling too many oranges and apples as is normal for my lot. That is – Mutable Mutable Mutable energies everywhere in my freaking chart!

Check this out ASAP is you are a Thyroid Cripple, like me!


I am feeling okay. That is a huge disclosure. It’s like saying that the sharp stick in my eye has pulled out a bit and now my eye is simply slowly leaking eye-juice instead of gushing life force.

Mo betta!

Right now I am getting the word out for my ebook publication, “GOD GETS LAID”, so I must budget my time between my many interests and ills. Whilst I get my poop in a group, I want you to know about the web site that has helped me more than anything.


This woman has researched like a mole digging to China. She has grouped the poop on Thyroid issues. Go see her if you have any reservations about your thyroid meds and your symptoms. I will check in asap.

… is up and running. The Blog section will be following along soon. Stay tuned for health news for all Living Beings. I love you Gyns. (Guys comes from a feminine root word, “gyn” meaning female organs and such! Just ignore the “u”!)

Iatrogenic Disorder

Yesterday the womun dentist pulled two side teeth. Last Night. I ran out of Lithium and and did not sleep a wink.. Not one stinkin’ wink until about 5 AM. Do you see the problem? Two factors in one!

  1. Allergic to Acetaminophen
  2. Lithium makes me sleepy

Anyway, I did not stand a chance. At least I know the story. The story of me. I have spent my entire life figuring me out and am proud to say, I know me fairly well. It feels good. Screw ups still happen and now I know why. Sometimes I gamble and lose and sometimes, like last night I block out the truth in hopes it will not catch up to me. At 3AM I suddenly got in touch with my symptoms and “remembered” that I must not take that stuff. I took a small dose thinking a bit of pain relief would be nice,  and two days later, I am still buzzed. Back in  the day when the pill doctor told me I could take up to 4K a day without liver damage, I was using 1K per day. Pain is the mind killer (Dune). It wasn’t long until I lay awake all night with restless leg syndrome! This is a horrible problem. All night the victims stretches her legs over and over for relief from a fleeting and remitting tightening. The she rolls over and tries another position, but there is no relief, no rest and no relief. Stretching and shifting every ten seconds is an awful way to spend the night. Did I mention “no relief?” Involuntarily stretching, all night.

Yes, my Brilliant Ones, Restless Leg Syndrome is an allergic reaction to pharmaceuticals. It is an Iatrogenic disease! (doctor caused). Today I can’t turn my head without hearing bells ring. That’s what I get from 400mg of Tylenol. Can you imagine what it does to a baby? People give that shit to children all the time.

“The doctor said it is safe.”