Sequential Fasting

What is fasting? Does it mean starvation? Some days I eat rice and beans; and other days I only eat oranges. The ice cream fasting one of my favorites, as I am sure you can attest.

You can overlap the fast days. When you give up two items at once that is double fasting. Do not starve!!! That is counterinterintuive to the max. It’s really bad for you. Eating a diet rich in gently used food will ease the pain of your poverty.

This is simpler than you think. Last week I ran out of butter. I haven’t eaten butter in seven days. Avocados are .88 so I eat them instead. Stock up on your basics, rice and beans, canned goods and roots. When you run out of the “extras” – do without for a week or a month, until it goes on sale, which is the sure way to know that it’s in season.

Carnivores fast frequently. If you are one, you should take a few days off from meat and eat low on the food chain. Do not let the protein freaks, freak you out. We get plenty of protein in Modernia.

The Macrobiotic State of Mind

State of Mind is the best way to go with the seasonal flow. I venture to say that the popularity of chefs cooking delicious, nutritious meals in season is aligned with the Macrobiotic. My best advice is to be your own lab rat. Test various foods by eating an “elimination” protocol. Over time you will find your personal diet, as I explained in The Tao of Chow, years ago, when I an 100 other people knew about gluten intolerance. We were besmirchified by supercilious waiters, and disrespectful boyfriends. But no more!

Go ahead and be what you know you are through your personal diet. No one else can tell you how you feel. That is your secret to keep. Remember, when you run out of candy, stop eating candy for a few days. The same goes for dairy products. Dairy products, don’t get me started or I will post the PETA film where the worker beats a cow with an iron bar, at the dairy farm.